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Country State City/Town Resource Records From Records To Resource Type
Australia NSW Bathurst Bathurst landholders, 1885  Extract from the return to the Legislative Assembly showing names of holdings and names of landerholders for Bathurst district as at 1 Jan 1885.   1885  
Australia NSW Bourke, Brewarrina, Hay North, Balranald Homestead and Land Leases, western NSW, 1885-1914  Lists of homestead leases for towns in western NSW, 1885-1914, and land leases for the period 1903-1910. Includes approvals, refusals, and rent re-appraisals.  1885 1914  
Australia NSW Braidwood Braidwood Gaol admissions, 1856-1899  Search a database compiled from the list of register entries of the Braidwood Gaol, NSW, for the period 1856-1899.   1856 1899  
Australia NSW Camden Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Camden, NSW  Search burial records for Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Camden, NSW. Includes images for some grave sites.    
Australia NSW Port Jackson (Sydney) Convict ships sent to Port Jackson, NSW 1787-1800  Detailed information on convict ships sent to Port Jackson (Sydney), NSW, 1787-1800  1787 1800  
Australia NSW Sydney Australia's Red Coat Regiments, 1788-1870  Lists of members of the 25 British Infantry Regiments, Service Regiments and Marine Detachments who served in Sydney, Australia, between 1788 and 1870.  1788 1870  
Australia NSW Sydney City of Sydney Archives  Search an index of the City of Sydney's historical archives. Some items can be viewed online, while others will include a reference to where the hardcopy item can be viewed.   
Australia NSW Sydney City of Sydney Assessment Books, 1845-1948  The Assessment Books record details of ownership, occupation, construction, and value for buildings in the City of Sydney between 1845 and 1948.  1845 1948  
Australia NSW Sydney Historical Atlas of Sydney  Search a number of historical Sydney maps dating from the mid-1800s.    
Australia NSW Sydney Index to vessels arriving in NSW, 1788-1922  Extensive list of searchable resources of ships and passengers arriving in New South Wales from 1788, on the NSW State Archives and Records website.  1788 1922  
Australia NSW Sydney NSW Soldiers and Marines, 1787-1830  Index of soldiers and marines stationed in Sydney, 1787-1830. Arranged in alphabetical lists by surname.  1787 1830   
Australia NSW Sydney Sydney Colonial Directory, 1857  Details of business owners in Sydney, NSW, in 1857  1857  
Australia NSW Sydney, Port Jackson First Fleet Convicts list (1788)  List of convicts transported to Australia with the First Fleet, 1788  1788  
Australia NSW Yass Extracts from the Yass Courier (NSW), 1857-1905  Extracts from Yass Courier personal columns, 1857-1905  1857 1905  
Australia NSW Yass General Notices, Yass Courier (NSW), from 1857  Extracts from general notices in Yass Courier, from 1857  1857  
Australia NSW Yass Yass Probate Records, from 1859  List of probate notices, estates and memoriums from the Yass Courier, from 1859  1859  
Australia NSW, TAS Sydney, Hobart Convict Ships Sent to NSW and TAS, 1801-1849  Comprehensive list of convict ships sent to NSW and TAS, 1801-1849. Also search by keyword. 'Convicts to Australia' site.  1801 1849   
Australia NSW, VIC Convict ships to Australia, 1839-46  Details of all ships carrying convicts to Australia between Jan 1839 and Jun 1846.  1839 1846  
Australia NT Darwin Northern Territory Probate Index, 1911-1994  Images of an index to probate records for the Northern Territory, Australia, including details of estates of deceased persons. Full access to records requires membership.  1911 1994    
Australia QLD Queensland Ship Deserters, 1862-1911  Searchable database of ship deserters for Queensland from 1862-1911.  1862 1911  
Australia QLD Brisbane Convict ships sent to Queensland, 1849-1850  Detailed information on convict ships sent to QLD, 1849-1859  1849 1850  
Australia SA Deserters database, SA, 1838-1920  Database of deserters from wives, families, ships, military, missing persons, escaped prisoners etc, compiled from SA Police Gazettes.   1838 1920  
Australia SA Photos of South Australian soldiers in World War One  State Records of SA collection of photographs of South Australian soldiers, sailors and nurses involved in WW1.    
Australia SA SA Farm Apprentices, 1913-1914  Database of 172 British youths aged 15 to 19 who participated in the South Australian Government's farm apprentice scheme, 1913-1914.  1913 1914  
Australia SA SA Motor Vehicle Registrations, 1906 - 1927  Transcribed vehicle registration records from South Australia, showing rego number, registered owner, address, and vehicle model.  1906 1927  
Australia SA South Australian pioneer families  Searchable database of pioneering South Australian colonists comprising combined collections of passenger lists, births, marriages, and deaths.   
Australia SA State Records SA - Index of Resources  Index of extensive historical resources available on the State Records SA website. Most records are images (PDF format) of original documents.    
Australia SA Adelaide Adelaide Hospital Admission Register, 1840-1904  Alphabetical lists (PDF format) of patients admitted to Adelaide Hospital (now Royal Adelaide Hospital) for the period 1840-1904.  1840 1904  
Australia SA Adelaide Howell's Directory for the City of Adelaide, 1858  Name, address and occupation of Adelaide residents, 1858  1858  
Australia SA Adelaide Mercantile and Trades Directory of Adelaide, 1870  Brenton's 1870 professional, mercantile and trades directory of Adelaide.  1870  

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