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All Wots My Kin links are now given a star rating, to help guide you straight to the best resources. The more unique information a site offers, the better its rating. A five star rating means that the site is amongst the best you'll find, with extensive, unique information available and effective search tools to help you quickly find what you're looking for. A four star rating means that a site has good, detailed, unique information available, generally with good search tools. And three stars means that the site offers unique information to help your research, but the available content is a little more limited.

Australian Cemetery Search project

This Wots My Kin project is indexing Australian cemetery websites, allowing you to search burial records by surname, given names, location and remarks from one central database. Its main aim is to index the hundreds of thousands of online cemetery records which are only available as static HTML pages rather than in searchable databases. The records added so far are mostly for Queensland. Visit the Australian Cemetery Search beta site here!

Our aim is to develop Wots My Kin into the most comprehensive listing of free family history search engines and pages with unique information on the web. It is focussed on connecting you directly with the search pages themselves, to save you going around in circles locating pages youself.

Please help us to help you by adding your favourite links!

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